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Start every day grounded, clutter-free, open to opportunity.

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Meet Alenna

Professional Organizer 

Welcome! My name is Alenna Merrihew ("The Merry Ewe") and I am passionate about helping others experience the positive impact of transforming their home and workplace into an organized, clutter-free space. As a former KonMari Method® Certified Organizer and professional leadership coach, I have experienced first hand how reducing clutter in a physical space can lower stress and liberate one's creativity and confidence in other areas of life. By reevaluating the relationship we have with our possessions, we take control and actively decide what to keep with us as part of our life journey. And, at a deeper level we really learn to identify what brings us happiness, not only in our belongings, but also in our work, relationships, and everything we do. I am honored to offer my undivided attention and support to my clients as they experience this transformation. 

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The Services

Every client receives a custom organizing program and in-person hands-on (or virtual) assistance tailored to your specific goals and timeframe. You will learn to reevaluate your belongings from your head and heart to identify those items that still bring you happiness and serve you, and learn to let go of items that don't. Over a series of meetings, I'll personally assist you in sorting the items you wish to keep, discard, or donate. If requested, we can also collaborate on storage solutions.

The Process

The process begins with a free 30-minute phone consultation when we discuss the areas you'd like to work on and options for how I can support your decluttering goals. If you'd like to proceed, we schedule our first 4-hour session when we clarify your goals and begin the organizing work. After this first session, I create a tailored plan of action with an estimated number of sessions needed, at a pace and frequency that best suits your need. Sessions are typically 3-5 hours and multiple sessions may be booked in advance to maintain momentum.

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Book a free 30-minute phone consultation with Alenna

Interested in learning more? Let's talk about your organizing needs and how you can create the physical and mental space you need to achieve greater satisfaction in your life today!

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